From Text(s) to Book(s): Live Report

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Recordings of selected conference presentations will be made available on this page throughout the event, and comments will be enabled for discussion of the proceedings. / Des versions MP3 de certaines présentations seront disponibles ici, et il sera possible de faire des commentaires pendant le colloque.

All material available on this page remains the exclusive property of the author / Tout matériel disponible sur cette page est la propriété intellectuelle de l’auteur.



9h30-10h30         Invité d’honneur / First Keynote Address CLAIRE PARFAIT, “From Text(s) to Book(s) in 19th-Century America”

11h00-12h45 Session 1 / Panel 1 Material Textuality
Hanna KUUSELA, “The Materiality of Uncreative Writing: Turning Ordinary Texts into Literature”
Anna MAZIARCZYK & Grzegorz MAZIARCZYK, “Split Textuality and Material Constraints in Raymond Federman’s The Voice in the Closet / La Voix dans le cabinet de débarras”

Session 3 / Panel 3 Form and Content in 16th to 18th c. Flemish Book Production
Goran PROOT, “Towards a Typographical Atlas of the Handpress Book Produced in the Southern Low Countries in the Early Modern Period: Aims, Methodology and Results”
Kristof SELLESLACH, “Using Ornamental Initials in 16th-century Antwerp”
Maartje DE WILDE, “Turning the Page: the Design of Secular Songbooks from the Southern Netherlands (16th-18th Centuries)”

14h30-15h45 Session 4 / Panel 4 Archiving and Editing
Robert RITER, “Boxed, Booked, and Scanned: Making Archival Books from Archival Texts”
Shef ROGERS, “Editing New Zealand Colonial Texts in 21st-Century Contexts”

14h30-15h45 Session 5 / Panel 5 Editing and Commodifying Poetry
Sandro JUNG, “William Shenstone’s Editions of Poetry: Manuscript Album versus Printed Edition”

18h15-19h15         Invité d’honneur (Bibliothèque Municipale de Nancy) / Second Keynote Address (Nancy City Library) PASCAL DURAND, “Hubert Nyssen, Du texte au livre, les avatars du sens : entre accastillage et orchestration”

19h15-20h00         Table ronde en hommage à Hubert Nyssen (Bibliothèque Municipale de Nancy) / Round Table in homage to Hubert Nyssen (Nancy City Library) Modératrice : Nathalie COLLÉ-BAK (Université de Lorraine); Benoît BERTHOU (Université Paris 13), Sylvie DUCAS (Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense)

  1. The conference organisers look forward to welcoming everyone in Nancy next week — on Wednesday evening at the terrasse of the Café Foy (Place Stanislas) for those arriving early or Thursday morning at the Campus Lettres.


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