Voice(s) and silence in the arts, 2017

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Affiche Colloque Voix & Silence A3 N&B 2017-5-30


Conference Program

Programme Voix et silence dans les arts

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The objective of this conference is to look into various artistic experiences — in music, in performance poetry, in visual arts and the performing arts — that are built in the space where art produces a fusion of voice and silence, of what is said and what is withheld, of speech and its deliberate omission. Voice and silence take different forms depending on the medium, the physical set-up, the places of production and reception. The physiological definition of voice is the emission of sounds produced by the vibration of the vocal chords at the moment of exhaling. It is thus not only a means of transmitting breath, but also the physical embodiment of speech and the medium of transmission of the emotions; furthermore, it cannot be dissociated from the notion of a speaking subject and subjectivity. The voice, according to Henri Meschonnic, is “the intimate exterior,” and its texture is specific to each person. In the same way, silence, a notion which is equally complex, is not simply the absence of speech or sound. By its very nature, a painting is silent and its meaning can only be verbalised metaphorically. As far as music is concerned, as John Cage pointed out, absolute silence does not exist, for we are immersed in a ceaseless hum. In the theatre, voice and silence cannot be separated, for the theatrical experience is composed of an intermingling of voices, words, gestures, glances, silences, breathing…. In the improvised poems of David Antin, the hybrid voice and body language are at the origin of the creative process, and so are breathing and the silent pauses in Gary Snyder’s poems. As for the cinema, its power and the fascination it exerts are for the most part linked to the formal processes and the various configurations of the interactions of voices, silence, and images.

This conference aims to put into perspective the numerous studies devoted both to voices and to silence. Its objective is to focus on the way in which concepts might interact, on the shifts, contacts and echoes between one another.

Call for papers

Programme and information

The conference sessions will take place on Wednesday 14, Thursday 15, Friday 16, and Saturday 17 June 2017 at the Social Sciences and Humanities Campus of the University of Lorraine (CLSH) in Nancy, in room G04. On Thursday 15, the conference will take place at the Théâtre de la Manufacture.

How to get to Nancy
How to get to the CLSH – Université de Lorraine
How to get to the Théâtre de la Manufacture  (a 10-minute walk from the city centre and from the CLSH)
Accommodation in Nancy: hall of residence Bed&Crous and hotels

Registration and fees:
Fees are 50 € for academics and 15 € for PhD students.

Fees includes registration to the conference, three lunches (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), as well as the Friday evening dinner at a restaurant in Nancy.

Registration webpage

Contact: claudine.armand@univ-lorraine.fr

Scientific Committee: Claudine Armand (Université de Lorraine – Nancy), Johan Callens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Gilles Couderc (Université de Caen-Normandie), Pierre Degott (Université de Lorraine – Metz), Claudia Desblaches (Université de Rennes 2), Jean-Philippe Heberlé (Université de Lorraine – Metz), Yannick Hoffert (Université de Lorraine – Nancy), Lucie Kempf (Université de Lorraine – Nancy), Jean-Marie Lecomte (Université de Lorraine – Nancy), Gilles Marseille (Université de Lorraine – Nancy), Marcin Stawiarski  (Université de Caen-Normandie), Melvyn Stokes (University College London), Grégoire Tosser (Université d’Evry-Val-d’Essonne), Patrick Van Rossem (Université d’Utrecht), Denis Vermaelen (Université François Rabelais –Tours)


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