Book Practices & Textual Itineraries

Book Practices & Textual Itineraries is a series of peer-reviewed book-length publications devoted to the study of book history and textual scholarship. Published by the PUN – Éditions Universitaires de Lorraine, with an international editorial advisory board, the series aims to facilitate dialogue in these fields between scholars from France, Europe and the English-speaking world.

While each individual volume of Book Practices & Textual Itineraries focuses on a specific topic, the aim of the series as a whole is to trace evolutions in the production, transmission and reception of books and texts over time and across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. It likewise provides a venue for scholarship which examines new practices that have grown up in response to the acceleration of textual production and exchange provoked by electronic media, and which considers the significance of such practices for the editing, publishing and interpretation of literary works. Finally, it seeks to publish scholarly work that examines issues related to the archiving of textual productions and that engages with the subjects of literacy and information science.

The editors welcome the submission of unsolicited essays. However, since individual volumes of the series are organised around specific themes, it is recommended that potential contributors contact the editors before submitting their work to ensure that it is in keeping with the theme of a forthcoming volume and can be published without excessive delay. All contributions, without exception, will undergo blind review by two readers. See the submission guidelines for further details regarding the editorial policy of the series.