BPTI 1: Tracing the Contours of Literary Works

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BPTI  1 • 2011

Front matter and Table of Contents
Grzegorz Maziarczyk
The Novel as Book: Mark Z. Danielewski’s Recuperation of the Codex Format
Susan Pickford Combe and Rowlandson’s Dr. Syntax, Pierce Egan’s Life in London and the illustrated character as a form of literary property
Simon Frost Book, Work and Text: from Material Book History to New Literary Theories
Cécile Cottenet The Lives of a Book: The Conjure Woman through the Ages
Lukas Erne On Reading King Lear
Pierre Degott A Story of Gains and Losses: the Early Editions of Smollett’s Roderick Random
Boris Drenkov The Unfortunate Life of Robert Chester’s Loves Martyr
Nathalie Collé-Bak The Pilgrim’s Progresses
of Bunyan’s Publishers and Illustrators
Sandro Jung The Visual ‘Life’ of James Thomson’s The Seasons, 1730c.-1800
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