BPTI 4: From Text(s) to Book(s): Studies in Production and Editorial Processes


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Introduction                 7

From Text to Book in Nineteenth-Century America: Some Reflections on Texts and Paratexts, Authors and Publishers

Claire PARFAIT              17

Disciplining the Author: A Look at the Author-Printer Relationship in America

Cécile COTTENET          43

Toward a History of Copyright for Periodical Writings: Examples from Nineteenth-Century America

Will SLAUTER                 65

How Serialisation Changed the Meanings of Encyclopaedias

Jeff LOVELAND              85

From Letters to Manuscripts to Books: The Journey of Cambridge University Library MS.Ee.3.56

William D. ACRES         111

Cicero’s Letters to Atticus: From Private Correspondence to History Textbook

Linda MCGUIRE            129

Publishing Archives: Making Archival Books from Archival Texts

Robert Barnet RITER   147

A Medieval Manuscript in the Age of Mechanical

Reproduction: Regarding Cambridge MS.Ee.3.59

James PLUMTREE         167

From Ideas to Books: The Editorial Writing of Michael Drayton’s Sonnet Sequences

Rémi VUILLEMIN          181

« L’Histoire véritable » du Fils naturel : retour sur une édition originale qui en dit long

Lorraine PIROUX          197

List of Contributors         217

General Editors               219