Hotels and Cafés in Metz

Hotels in Metz

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The tax (taxe de séjour) is per person and per night.

    room   breakfast walking distance from train station walking distance from town center (Place St Jacques) walking distance from campus  
La Citadelle ****5 Avenue Ney57000 MetzTel. +33 (0)387 17 17 17

195€ single220€ double+1,45€ tax 24€ 11 min. 11 min. 17 min. Central.Picturesque (former storehouse for army supplies, built in 1569, part of the Citadel). Probably the poshest Metz can offer.
Hôtel Novotel Metz Centre ****Place des ParaigesCentre Saint Jacques57000 Metz

Tel. +33 (0)387 37 38 39

From 110€+ 2€ tax 15.50€ 15 min. 3 min. 17 min. Very central.Fitness center and outdoor pool.
Hôtel Ibis Style Centre Gare ***23 avenue Foch57000 MetzTel. +33 (0)387 66 81 11

From 75€+ 0.95€ tax included 5 min. 15 min. 26 min. Top range of Ibis chain.
Hôtel de la Cathédrale ***25 place de Chambre57000 MetzTel. +33 (0)387 75 00 02

75€ to 110€+0.95€ tax 11€ 23 min. 6 min. 9 min. Rather central.Renovated 17th-c building, on the plaza below the cathedral, by the river.From station, taxi advisable.
Hôtel du Théâtre ***3 rue du Port St Marcel57000 Metz+33 (0)387 31 10 10

89€ to 135€+0.95€ tax 12.50€ 26 min. 5 min. 6 min. Fairly central.Renovated 17th-c building, typical Lorraine furniture, breakfast served in full Lorraine costume – the works!From station, taxi advisable.
Grand Hôtel de Metz ***3 rue des Clercs57000 Metz+33 (0)387 36 16 33

74€ to 125€+0.95€ tax 11€ 18 min. 5 min. 13 min. Very central.Renovated 18th-c building in pedestrian district.
Hôtel Escurial ***18 rue Pasteur57000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 40 96

78€ to 101€+ 0.95€ tax 9€ 5 min. 17 min. 27 min. Close to the train station.
Hôtel Métropole ***5 place du Général de Gaulle57000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 26 22

58€ to 72€+ 0.95€ tax 8€ 1 min. 17 min. 27 min. Directly across from the train station.
Hôtel Kyriad Metz Centre8 rue du Père Potot57000 Metz+33 (0)387 36 55 56

From 55€+ 0.95€ tax 9.90€ 8 min. 10 min. 22 min. Fairly central, in a quiet street.
Hôtel du Centre **14 rue Dupont des Loges57000 Metz+33 (0)387 36 06 93

65€ single68€ double78€ twin 

+0.85€ tax

8€ 11 min. 7 min. 18 min. Small hotel (15 rooms)Very central, in pedestrian district.
Hôtel Ibis Centre Cathédrale **47 rue Chambière57000 Metz+33 (0)387 31 01 73

59€ to 73€+ 0.95€ tax 9.50€ 34 min. 20 min. 20 min. Not very central despite its name.From station, taxi advisable.
Hôtel Ibis Centre Gare **3 bis rue Vauban57000 Metz+33 (0)387 21 90 90

55€ to 89€+ 0.95€ tax 9.50€ 3 min. 15 min. 26 min. Faces the train station.
Cecil’ Hôtel **14 rue Pasteur57000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 66 13

64€ to 90€+ 0.85€ tax 9€ 5 min. 17 min. 27 min.
Hôtel Bristol **7 rue Lafayette57000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 74 22

37€ to 56€+ 0.85€ tax 8€ 4 min. 20 min. 30 min. Almost directly across from the train station, to the left as you leave Arrivals.
Interhôtel Moderne **1 rue Lafayette5000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 57 33

64€ to 72€+0.85€ tax 9€ 3 min. 19 min. 29 min. Almost directly across from the train station, to the left as you leave Arrivals.
Citotel Alérion **20 rue Gambetta57000 Metz+33 (0)387 66 74 03

63€ to 77€+ 0.85€ tax 9€ 1 min. 18 min. 28 min. Faces the train station.
Hôtel Foch8 avenue Foch57000 Metz+33 (0)387 74 40 75

43€ to 60€+ 0,85€ tax 6,50€ 6 min. 13 min. 23 min. No stars for this hotel. It is fairly cheap, but then so is the decoration! Some rooms do not have a shower or a bath.
La Chambre Saint Louis17 place Saint Louis57000 Metz+33 (0)6 45 56 40 41

85€ none 13 min. 5 min. 16 min. Privately owned, an apartment for up to 4 people – which means you’ll have to get your own breakfast.
Péniche L’ApartéAllée Saint Symphorien57000 Metz+33 (0)387 38 07 78 or cell phone +33 (0)6 81 28 54 45

80€ 5€ 21 min. 27 min. 25 min. A “péniche” is a barge. So if you’re looking for something different… why not try this? Breakfast is available upon request. The owner is Isabelle Lapasin and she speaks English. From station, taxi advisable.


In Metz, the whole pedestrian area has cafés and bars and restaurants and pâtisseries lined up next to one another, and they’re still popping up. I haven’t tried them all, of course, but here is a list of the places I regularly go to and enjoy.

Bars, cafés etc.

Most of the bars and cafés are located on the three main plazas; Place Saint Jacques (close to the cathedral), Place Saint Louis (the Medieval one, with lovely arcades), and Place de la République (close to the Arsenal and the Galeries Lafayettes).

If you want to try some Belgian beer, go to “Les Frères Berthom”, on Rue aux Ours (close to the cinema Cameo-Ariel), or to the “Irish Pub” below the cathedral.

If you’re more into wine, there are several wine bars (bars à vin) where they serve wine by the glass and offer either assiettes (literally, “plate”, with charcuterie and cheese) or tartines (bruschetta style). There are a couple of those below the cathedral, on Place de Chambre, and close by, on Rue des Piques, you can try the Cantino – they also serve meals, either at table or at the counter (very inventive cuisine).

If you’re in the mood for smoothies and fresh juice cocktails, there’s “Diet and Delicious” on Place Saint Jacques; they also serve homemade soups, large salads, crêpes (both sweet and savoury), savoury pies, and they make their own ice-cream in all kinds of flavors; it’s all organic. Service is a bit slow, though, and they close around 6pm. Another place where they make smoothies, soups and fresh juices is “Toogoo”, across from the Galeries Lafayette (they also sell small sandwiches, wraps, muffins, etc.).



  • “Derrière”, on Rue de la Chèvre (a side street on the right as you go down from Place Saint Jacques to Place Saint Louis). Italian homestyle cooking (the nonna is the cook!), only with fresh produce. The menu changes regularly and depends on what’s available at the market. The entrance to the restaurant is through a door to the right of the shop front, where they sell Italian delicatessen (so the restaurant is literally derrière (behind) the shop).
  • “Chok Die Thaï”, on Rue Vigne Saint Avold (a bit tricky to find, and not right in the heart of the city, but worth it): thai cuisine, rather cheap. And good. It is run by a Frenchman and his Thai wife, who does the cooking.
  • “L’Epicurien”, also on Rue Vigne Saint Avold. Simple but refined, the menu changes according to what’s available at the market, and they work with Lorraine farmers. A bit pricey perhaps (35 to 40€ for a 3-course dinner, wine included), but really worth it. Run by a Frenchman and his British wife.
  • “ABC”, on Rue Vauban (across from the station). A brasserie, with traditional French cuisine (and of course the inevitable quiche Lorraine!).
  • “Le Flo”, on Rue Gambetta (close to the station). Parisian-style brasserie, with seafood and traditional dishes like steak tartare (excellent) or foie gras (excellent too). A bit pricey, but sometimes it’s nice to treat oneself right!
  • “Thierry Saveurs et cuisine”, on Rue des Piques (opposite the Cantino). A very nice restaurant both in terms of décor and cuisine, run by a man who once owned a Michelin-starred restaurant and got fed up with the pressure and left on a trip round the world, from which he brought back all kinds of ideas. I’d say it’s chic French cuisine spiked up with flavors from around the world. A bit expensive but worth it.
  • “Diet and Delicious”, already mentioned.
  • “La Migaine”, on Place Saint Louis, under the arcades. More of a tearoom really, but they do lunch (mostly savoury pies and large salads, all fresh and homemade). If you have a sweet tooth, it’s the place to go: they have a huge table in the back with all their cakes and pies on display, and you just want to try them all. My favorites: lemon meringue pie, baked cheesecake, and raspberry-pistachio pie…


… and this naturally brings me to make a short list of pâtisseries


Pâtisseries (is there an equivalent in English for this very French concept?)

  • Bourguignon (Rue de la Tête d’Or – the street going down from Place Saint Jacques to Place Saint Louis). Wonderful display window – and it’s all very good. They also make good chocolates.
  • Fresson (Rue du Grand Cerf – just off Place Saint Louis, on a corner). There too the display window is quite something. They also make chocolates and great macaroons.
  • Buttner (En Fournirue – the street that goes down from the townhall plaza, with the cathedral in your back). Again, very nice display window. They also make savoury things, like “tourte Lorraine” – meat pie – and “pâté lorrain” – meat pie in flaky pastry.
  • Lemoy (Rue Vauban, across from the station). Very good pâtisseries and savoury pies. But their chocolates, oh…
  • Very different, since it is pâtisserie from Algeria, but equally delicious: “Nour”, on Rue Paul Bezançon (the small side street that leads from the plaza in front of the cathedral to Place Saint Jacques). They serve mint tea, and they have lunch “formulas” for less than 10€.

(On that same plaza facing the cathedral, there’s a tearoom called “Namur”: what they sell looks good, but I don’t think it’s that good (except for their macaroons, and then not all flavours). Up to you to try!)