Travel to Metz and Saulcy Campus

Travelling to Metz

Train stations

There are two train stations, one in the town center (it goes by different names depending on the websites: Metz Ville, Metz Centre, or “Gare SNCF”) and one on the outskirts (Gare Lorraine TGV, at Louvigny). If you arrive at Louvigny, there is a shuttle between the station and “Metz Gare SNCF” (when you get there, do not be dismayed: the shuttle stop is behind the station, but there is a tunnel joining the back of the station to the front, where all the hotels are). The trip lasts 30 minutes and costs 4.50€ one way, 9€ return. You can buy your ticket either from the driver or online when you buy your train ticket, at .

Departure times (French-style!) from Lorraine TGV to “Gare SNCF”:

There are only two shuttles in the morning, one at 9:07 and another at 11:54.
After noon it gets better, with shuttles at 12:59, 14:13, 16:56, 18:56, 19:59 and 21:10.


Departure times from Metz “Gare SNCF” to Lorraine TGV:

There are four shuttles in the morning, at 6:28, 7:28, 8:13 and 10:14.
After noon, there are only three: one at 12:28, one at 16:28, and one at 19:28. Watch out, though, the last one does not run on Saturdays.

Depending on your date and time of arrival, I may be able to come and pick you up or send a friend. For instance, Valérie will meet Sirpa on Wednesday at 2:04pm. So if your day and time more or less correspond to Sirpa’s, you may want to hop on the ride!

Similarly, depending on your date and time of departure, either Valérie or I can take you back to the station.

I checked with the main taxi company in Metz (Taxis de Metz): taking a taxi from Metz to Lorraine TGV is very expensive: 55 euros during the week between 7am and 7pm, for 1 to 4 persons. Between 7pm and 7am and on Sundays, the fare jumps to 70 euros.

Just in case, if you’re stranded, here’s their number: +33 (0)3 87 56 91 92. They speak English.



Metz is within easy travelling range of several airports: Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Luxembourg, Metz-Nancy-Lorraine (close to Lorraine TGV), and Saarbrücken in Germany.

  • Roissy – Charles de Gaulle

From Terminal 2 you can get on a free shuttle (CDGVAL) that takes you to the railway station (“Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV”), where you can either take a TGV (i.e. “very fast train”) to national destinations. It is all very clearly signposted so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the station or the platforms. Once at the station, you can hop on a direct train to Lorraine TGV. Travelling time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the fare for a single ticket is about 60€ (and more), but you can find cheap tickets (I once bought one – non refundable of course – for 20€).

  • Orly

There is no direct train linking Orly and Metz, so you have to ride into Paris to take the train to Metz from Gare de l’Est (and you will arrive at Metz “Gare SNCF”, in other words, in the town center). Here is how it goes:

From Orly you need to get onto the shuttle called “Orlyval” and get out at “Antony”, where you will take RER B (B3 or B5, main direction Charles de Gaulle or Mitry en Clayes) to “Gare du Nord”. Here is a link so you can visualize the trip:

At Gare du Nord, you can take the metro (it’s only one stop to Gare de l’Est on line 5) or bus 31 (about 5 minutes) but I think it is easier and faster to walk from the station to Gare de l’Est (8 minutes). As you exit Gare du Nord, turn left, walk down Rue de Dunkerque past the post office, cross the street (Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis), keep going on Rue de Dunkerque till you have to turn right on Rue d’Alsace. From there you can see, below, the railtracks of Gare de l’Est. Walk down Rue d’Alsace and down the stairs, the entrance to Gare de l’Est is on your left.

  • Luxembourg

Luxembourg airport is only 45 minutes by car from Metz, so if you land there, it may be possible for me (or someone else) to come and pick you up – depending on your date and time of arrival. If not, you’ll have to get bus 16 at the airport (single ticket: 2€) and get off at “Gare Centrale” (it takes about 20 to 25 minutes, but the traffic can be very bad and delays are common), where you can take a train to Metz (you will arrive at “Gare SNCF”). It takes about 50 minutes and costs 16.20€ for a single ticket. In order to check train fares and times, go to .

  • Metz-Nancy-Lorraine

Now that I have checked their website for destinations, I think it unlikely that any of you will land there; however, those of you coming from Italy or Austria might want to check their website ( – though it doesn’t seem to have an English translation (shame on us French people!!) – for there are regular flights to Italy (Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice) and Austria (Vienna).

  • Saarbrücken

There are flights from Saarbrücken to Salzburg, Austria, and to several cities in Italy.

To get to Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof (central train station) from the airport, take Regional bus line R10. Then from there it’s easy to catch a train to Metz (you’ll have to change trains in Forbach) as there are lots of commuters. It takes slightly over an hour by train from Saarbrücken to Metz, and you arrive at Metz central station (Gare SNCF). It’ll cost you 16 or 17€ for a single ticket.

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