From Text(s) to Book(s), 2012

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From June 21-23 2012, IDEA, in association with SHARP (The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing), hosted an international conference on the subject ‘From Text(s) to Book(s)’. See below for a wide selection of recorded presentations from this conference.

From Text(s) to Book(s) was part of a continuing reflection on questions relating to book history and textual scholarship by IDEA’s literature and textual studies research axis. It followed in the line of previous conferences organised by IDEA on the subject: The Lives of the Book (2008) and Left Out: Texts and Ur-Texts (2007).

The conference organisers would like to thank all the participants for the quality of their work and for the generous and collegial atmosphere that characterised the event as a whole. Particular thanks go to the SHARP Executive Board and to the SHARP members who travelled to Nancy for the event, prior to this year’s International SHARP conference in Dublin. Special thanks also go the Lorraine Regional Council, to the city of Nancy and the Nancy Municipal Library, and to the Nancy Urban Community. Without the contributions from these public bodies the conference would simply not have been possible.

See here for a full report on the conference, with photos of the event.

The following list is only of presentations that were recorded. For the full program click on the ‘Academic Program’ link above. All material available on this page remains the exclusive property of the author.


9h30-10h30 Invité d’honneur / First Keynote Address CLAIRE PARFAIT, “From Text(s) to Book(s) in 19th-Century America”

11h00-12h45 Session 1 / Panel 1 Material Textuality
Hanna KUUSELA, “The Materiality of Uncreative Writing: Turning Ordinary Texts into Literature”
Anna MAZIARCZYK & Grzegorz MAZIARCZYK, “Split Textuality and Material Constraints in Raymond Federman’s The Voice in the Closet / La Voix dans le cabinet de débarras”

Session 3 / Panel 3 Form and Content in 16th to 18th c. Flemish Book Production
Goran PROOT, “Towards a Typographical Atlas of the Handpress Book Produced in the Southern Low Countries in the Early Modern Period: Aims, Methodology and Results”
Kristof SELLESLACH, “Using Ornamental Initials in 16th-century Antwerp”
Maartje DE WILDE, “Turning the Page: the Design of Secular Songbooks from the Southern Netherlands (16th-18th Centuries)”

14h30-15h45 Session 4 / Panel 4 Archiving and Editing
Robert RITER, “Boxed, Booked, and Scanned: Making Archival Books from Archival Texts”
Shef ROGERS, “Editing New Zealand Colonial Texts in 21st-Century Contexts”

14h30-15h45 Session 5 / Panel 5 Editing and Commodifying Poetry
Sandro JUNG, “William Shenstone’s Editions of Poetry: Manuscript Album versus Printed Edition”

18h15-19h15 Invité d’honneur (Bibliothèque Municipale de Nancy) / Second Keynote Address (Nancy City Library) PASCAL DURAND, “Hubert Nyssen, Du texte au livre, les avatars du sens : entre accastillage et orchestration”

19h15-20h00 Table ronde en hommage à Hubert Nyssen (Bibliothèque Municipale de Nancy) / Round Table in homage to Hubert Nyssen (Nancy City Library) Modératrice : Nathalie COLLÉ-BAK (Université de Lorraine); Benoît BERTHOU (Université Paris 13), Sylvie DUCAS (Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense)


9h00-10h45 Session 7 / Panel 7 Book Production and Cultural Identity
Simon FROST, “One Million Per Annum: Clavering Gunter, 19th-century Emigration and the Materialisation of Texts”
Matthew SMITH, “Benedict Anderson’s Concept of ‘Print-Capitalism’ and the Novel as Cultural and Technological Paradigm Shift”
Jason ENSOR, “A London Style and an Australian Persona: Angus & Robertson, National Duty and the Commercial Pressures of Selling Australian Books Overseas”

9h00-10h45 Session 8 / Panel 8 Le livre à l’épreuve du numérique
Annick BATARD (Université Paris 13, France) “E-books, liseuses, Kindle, iPad… : des terminaux électroniques pour lire, voire plus, présentés par les journalistes français”
Benoît BERTHOU, “Les technologies numériques : du livre au texte ?”
Danae OTATZI, “Repenser le texte : écriture et lecture dans un monde numérique”

9h00-10h45 Session 9 / Panel 9 Paratexts and Reading Practices I: Historical Case Studies
Michel MOREL, “The Case of Hobbes’s Leviathan: from Paratext as Polemic to Enduring Misconstruction”
Marianne MALLIA HOLOHAN, “Haunting the Master’s Library: the Bondwoman’s Narrative, Plantation Libraries, and Transgressive Literary Practices of the Enslaved”
Jeremy TRANMER, “The Making of a Left-Wing Political Document: the Case of the Communist Party of Great Britain and the Manifesto for New Times”

11h15-12h30 Session 10 / Panel 10 Reading Practices in the Age of Electronic Media
Bernhard METZ, “Readable Books, Unreadable E-texts? How Digital Reading and Writing Devices Changed Literary Texts and Reading Habits”

11h15-12h30 Session 11 / Panel 11 New Publishing Environments
Harvey QUAMEN, “SEEDS: Integrating Discourses of Editing and Computer Science into One Environment”

14h15-16h00 Session 13 / Panel 13 Case Studies in the Collecting and Editing of Poetry
Simone MARSHALL, “The Making of the Canon of Geoffrey Chaucer”
Rémi VUILLEMIN, “Ideas into Books: the Editorial Writing of Michael Drayton’s Sonnet Sequences (1594-1619) and the Elizabethan Tradition of the Published Lyric Collection”

14h15-16h00 Session 14 / Panel 14 Case Studies in the Editing and Compiling of Texts
Marie-Céline DANIEL, “A Generall historie of France written by John de Serres (London, G. Eld, 1611) : compilation de textes et composition de volumes au service d’une mémoire des guerres de religion françaises”
Paule DESMOULIÈRE (Université Paris IV – Sorbonne, France) “Ouvrage de marqueterie, & de pièces rapportées : un recueil funèbre pour la mort d’Henri IV”
Tiphaine DUVILLIÉ (Université de Lorraine, France) “Le droit de l’édition sous l’Ancien Régime : l’auteur numérique parviendra t-il à s’émanciper de l’éditeur ?”

14h15-16h00 Session 15 / Panel 15 (Maison de l’Étudiant) | Paratexts and Reading Practices II: Contemporary Approaches
Frans RUITER & Laurens HAM, “Author Pictures: from Book Cover to Facebook”

18h00-20h00 Invités d’honneur (Hôtel de Ville de Nancy, Place Stanislas) / Keynote Addresses (Nancy City Hall, Place Stanislas)
DAVID FINKELSTEIN, “There and Back: A Book’s Voyage through Colonial India”

DANIEL FERRER, “From Avant-Texte to Text to Avant-Texte”

9h00-10h00 Invité d’honneur / Final Keynote Address, Espen AARSETH, “Infinite Books from I Ching to Skyrim”

10h00-11h15 Session 17 / Panel 17 Producing / Staging Texts
Caroline ARCHER, “Leonard Jay and the Advent of Technical Education in Book Design and Production”
Amanda LASTORIA, “Lewis Carroll, Author and Art Director?”

11h45-13h00 Session 19 / Panel 19 Journalistic Practices and Reader Experiences
Uraiwan KEODARA, “Science-Fiction Journalism and the English Reading Public of the Late Victorian and the Early 20th Century”
Will SLAUTER, Material Form and Copy Right: Owning the News from Printed Ballads to Telegraphic Dispatches and Beyond”

11h45-13h00  Session 21 / Panel 21 « Livres-objets » et hybridation médiatique
Anaïs GUILET, “Le livre branché : la matérialité du texte à l’épreuve des dispositifs transmédiatiques”

14h30-16h15 Session 22 / Panel 22 Beyond the Codex: Presenting Latin Texts
Sarah BLAKE (York University, Canada) “Experiments in the Codex: Martial’s Xenia and Apophoreta and the Creation of the Latin Epigram Book”
Fabio CIOTTI & Maurizio LANA, “From Codices to Books to E-books: the Case of Late Latin Texts”

14h30-16h15 Session 23 / Panel 23 Didactic Publications: Encyclopedias and Printers’ Manuals
Jeff LOVELAND, “Serialization and Encyclopedias”
Cécile COTTENET, “Printer/Author ‘Co-Partnership’ in American Printers’ Manuals, 1890-1920″

14h30-16h15 Session 24 / Panel 24 Publishing Strategies
Simon CAROLAN, “Self-Publishing: Opportunities and Threats in a New Age of Mass Culture”
Frank DE GLAS, “Publishers’ Strategies in Building Long-term Œuvres: the Case of the Dutch Writer Arthur van Schendel (1874-1946)”
Christine EVAIN, “Transmedia Storytelling”

16h30-18h15 Session 25 / Panel 25 From Private Manuscripts to Public Books
Bill ACRES, “From Secrecy to Publication: Manuscripts to Book on the Elizabethan State, 1593-1598″
Linda MCGUIRE, “Cicero’s Letters to Atticus: from Private Correspondence to History Text”
James PLUMTREE, “A Medieval Manuscript in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: The Lives of La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Rei”

16h30-18h15 Session 26 / Panel 26 Le livre en spectacle
Jonathan LAMY-BEAUPRÉ, “De la performance au livre : Temple of Confessions de Guillermo Gomez-Pena et Roberto Sifuentes”
Lorraine PIROUX, “Les Entretiens sur le fils naturel ou de la domesticité du texte dramatique”

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