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Hilarion Heagy (Catholic Cleric) History, Wiki, Age, Spouse, Children, Family, Religion, Total assets and More

Latest News Hilarion Heagy

Hilarion Heagy (brought into the world in 1971, age: 52 years) is a previous Catholic Cleric yet is presently an Islam devotee.

Prior he was functioning as a cleric however unexpectedly he made the news that he has switched his religion from Christianity over completely to Islam. From that point forward individuals started getting some information about Hilarion Heagy and his experience.

As a cleric, he stayed a piece of the Antiochian Conventional Church which he joined from 2003 to 2007. He then, at that point, joined the Catholic Church of the East. However, presently he is Muslim and an Islam religion adherent he changed his name from Hilarion to Said Abdul Latif.

What Hilarion Heagy Partook in his Blog Entry?

Hilarion Heagy who is having a high fan following on his blog on shared about his strict transformation.

He posted a blog on his Blog”After many years of feeling attracted to Islam in fluctuating degrees, I had at long last chosen to go all in. It truly wants to come “home.” my first-conceived conviction. Since before we were even conceived, we loved God alone and submitted to him, as per the Qur’an,”

Wiki, Memoir (Training, Cleric)

Sharing the memoir subtleties of Hilarion Heagy then his currently name is Said Abdul Latif. He is very nearly 52 years now. His origination isn’t shared by him anyplace. In any case, reports shared that beforehand Hilarion was a Russian Conventional which causes us to accept that he could have been brought into the world in Russia and later moves to America.

Guardians, Kin – Family

Hilarion Heagy is a family man who gave a lot of regard to his family first by following the Christian religion as a minister and presently turning into an Islam devotee.

Hilarion Heagy’s Better half, Marriage and Sweetheart

While exploring Hilarion Heagy’s hitched life and children then it was found in our exploration that his better half’s name is Aly Candland. Yet, at Newsunzip we don’t affirm that Hilarion Heagy’s significant other’s name is Aly Candland.

He never showed up in any media interview or via online entertainment posts where he could share about his significant other. At the point when he was Minister his better half might have gone along with him in the congregation where he use to function as a Cleric. In any case, presently he is an Islam religion supporter one more inquiry that is brought up before his devotees is that does his significant other changed her religion or on the other hand on the off chance that she is as yet a Christian religion adherent.


Statements shared that Hilarion Powerful is a knowledgeable character. Prior along following his calling as Minister he use to compose articles. In his blog entry, he has composed articles on Islam religion. In his blog entry, there are numerous things he has expounded on. In all his articles, he added his discussions about religions.

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