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Is Byrond Legit (July 2021) Read and Review The Site!

Is Byrond Legit (July 2021) Read and Review The Site!

Is Byrond Legit (July 2021) Read and Review The Site! >> Check out this fantastic and informative article on this eye-catching website to learn about its truth before you fall into its trap.

Are you into fishing? Do you know of an excellent online store selling products or accessories used for fishing? Is it Then why don’t you read further and find out more about it? is an online website dealing with various kinds of fishing items, mainly kayaks. So, today in the Is Byrond Legit article, we will discuss this website and check out its details that will play a significant role in determining whether this United States-based website is trustable or not. 

So, continue reading this article and enlighten yourself about this website before it gets too late.

Is Byrond a scam, or is it authentic?

The most common and the most essential question asked- is this website legit? Because only the legitimacy of a website can clarify whether buying online products from that website is a profit or not. 

Read the below-mentioned specifications of this website and learn more about its background:

  • Domain Age: This website is only 17 days old. Byrond Reviews would like to mention here that websites whose domain age is more than six months are considered to be in the safe zone. 
  • Trust Score: we have found that this website is given a 1% trust index which means that the website is not trustable and should be used with caution (not provide any personal information).
  • Alexa Ranking: this website does not possess any Alexa Rank in global engagement and traffic.
  • Contact information: the owners have given all the contact information a customer would need.
  • Address’s originality: the address given on the website is not correct because we came across some websites with the same store address.
  • Owner’s information: Is Byrond Legit mentions here that this website reveals no owner information.
  • Plagiarized content: the content on this website, including the entire About Us section and pictures of the products, is entirely copied from different websites.
  • Customer Policies: they have stated all the customer policies. 
  • Customer Reviews: as you will learn further in this article, there are no customer reviews for
  • Unrealistic discounts: the products on this site are sold at unrealistic prices, making us more suspicious of this website.
  • Social media links or connections: they have displayed social media icons on their website, but they are fake and do not lead to any official accounts.

What is

Is Byrond Legit is talking about this website selling you products like Fishing Life Jacket, Explorer Inflatable Kayak, Rod, holder, Kayak C-Tug cart, Kayak Fishing Angler Paddle, and various other useful products.

You will see that all the products are currently sold at discounts which is too good to be true. All the details, including the technical specifications of the products, is mentioned in their description boxes.

Specifications of

Check out the essential specifications of this website mentioned below:

  • URL:
  • Domain Age: 17 days
  • Category: online store for fishing equipment
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Address: 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, Minnesota 55356 United States
  • Contact number: (903) 292-9660
  • Payment modes: PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard is accepted
  • Return Policy: Is Byrond Legit mentions here that they follow a 14-day return policy, and to be eligible for the return, the order must be unused and in original packaging. 
  • Refund policy: an email will be sent to the customer if their return is inspected and approved; it will be reflected within 7-14 days.
  • Cancellation Policy: they accept order cancellation before the items are shipped.
  • Shipping and delivery information: they ship their products worldwide; delivery takes 15- 30 days; they give you free shipping on orders above $40.

Pros of

  • The website is not found to contain any virus or malware.
  • HTTPS protocol is detected on this website.
  • A wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Free shipping on orders above $40

Cons of

  • Unpopular
  • Low trust score
  • Copied content

Byrond Reviews:

As seen from the details of the website, is a recently launched website that is very unpopular. Therefore, it has not received any feedback from any customer even though it claims to serve hundreds of customers each day. 

You can view this YouTube video through this link, which also talks about the legitimacy of

Final Verdict: is an online store website that looks pretty sketchy. There are various details about this website that make us more and more suspicious. The website is very poorly designed, but luckily, it does not contain any virus or malware that will harm your device.

So, read Is Byrond Legit and learn more about this website.

And do not forget to give your judgment regarding this website in the comments.

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