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Is Picante Clothing Legit (July) Waste or Worth Of Money

Is Picante Clothing Legit (July) Waste or Worth Of Money

Is Picante Clothing Legit (July) Waste or Worth Of Money >> The guide is about to reveal the legitimacy of the web-store that sells dresses; please read and stay advised.

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades away. Do you agree with me? Confidence in a woman comes the way she styles her up. Women from various countries like Australia, United Kingdom, and Ireland to admire the beautiful dresses scroll various websites like Picante style.

This is why the women are looking for the answer to Is Picante Clothing Legit or fake web store. So, get enlightened with this guide and stay here.

Check these pointers for the legitimacy of Picante Clothing:

If you have landed here, that means you are looking for the authenticity of this website. So without a further delay, read our well-researched points mentioned below –

  • The website was created on 27th October 2020 with a domain expectancy of one year.
  • The address provided on the website is misleading, and it is matching to various scam websites.
  • The website has only an 8% trust index which is not favoring its authenticity.
  • The website’s Facebook page speaks nothing about the reviews of the website, and only fifteen people follow it.
  • The Picante Clothing Reviews available on the official website are suspicious.
  • The Alexa ranking of the website is very meager.
  • Many algorithms have discovered many suspicious websites are linked on this server.
  • The return and refund policy is not benefitting the buyer, and it is favoring the website.
  • So, from the various points mentioned above, we would say that website has not gained any credibility in the past eight months of existence.

About Picante style:

The website story tells that they are the first James and Michelle who met in Mexico City on a Vacation. Their passion for influencing the world with the spicy and hot collection of dresses with incredible designs gave Picante style. Stay to know Is Picante Clothing Legit.

From winning the world with their great designs and collection, they have the mission to empower women—the belief that every woman has a Picante in them, which means spicy flavor.

The website showcases the variety of clothes, which are leggings, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, sweaters and cardigans, pants, jeans, loungewear sets, dresses, shorts, socks, and accessories.

Let’s find out the specifications of the website:

  • The website can be reachable at the url
  • The website has an email address as [email protected]
  •  the physical status is 6150 Lusk Blvd, Suite B205, San Diego, CA, 92121, USA.
  • The website has Facebook and instagram icons on it that could answer Is Picante Clothing Legit.
  • The website has a 30-day return policy where the buyer can return it if not satisfied with the purchase.
  • The refund policy says that the amount will be returned as the Picante gift card.  
  • The shipping policy states that it takes place between 7 to 14 days.
  • The payment methods available at the websites are multiple like PayPal, Visa, Discover, apple pay, and more.

Pros of the website:

  • The website has the feature to join the VIP list to acquire exclusive access to various promotions and discounts. Still, we need an answer to Is Picante Clothing Legit.
  • It has all the trendy designs and patterns along with the detailed size guide.
  • Multiple sales and discounts are running across the website, like ten per cent off.

Cons of the website:

  • The website is created in 2020, but the copyright symbol on the website mentions it as 2021, making Picante style as in shades.
  • The policies are not favoring the buyer as the return refund amount will come back as the e-gift card to the buyer, which means one needs to buy from the website only.
  • The reviews on the website are positive that seem to be fictitious.

Customer Picante Clothing Reviews:

The genuine buyer reviews are helpful in the web site’s popularity and also helps the buyers make a wise decision. The official website has reviews on many products, which seems to be manipulative. As in ten months, the website has not gained any genuine buyer’s reviews on reliable portals. That is why we advise our readers to stay alert from such scam websites.

Final wrap-up:

The Picante clothing is tried to present various varieties but failed to gain popularity. There are many red flags like no genuine customer reviews, low trust score or trust metric, misleading policies and addresses, and many more stands this website in the scam website list answers Is Picante Clothing Legit

Stay away from this website and share your perspective in the comment section below.

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