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Is Tannerallen5 Com Scam (July) Worth or Waste of Money!

Is Tannerallen5 Com Scam 2021.

Is Tannerallen5 Com Scam (July) Worth or Waste of Money! >> Please read this article and clear your doubts about this new website launched for the merch of this famous baseball player before it gets too late.

Do you love Tanner Allen? Well, guess what? We have a piece of great news for you! He very recently launched his official website selling his merch and signed trading cards. Yes, you read it right; he is now selling his autographed trading cards online on

However, some think that this website is a scam, and therefore, they are worried. So, bring this article to you to answer- Is Tannerallen5 com Scam? Is this website the website of the United States-born baseball player? Read to find out!

Is Tannerallen5 com Legit?

Read the following details about that we have found out through deep research:

  • Domain age: This website is almost a week old. It was registered on 1 July 2021.
  • Trust Index: This website has received a Trust Score of 1% from, which shows that this website is not to be trusted.
  • Customer Reviews: As you will read in the Tannerallen5 com Reviews section in this article, there are no online customer reviews regarding this website because it was launched very recently.
  • Alexa Ranking: There is no Alexa ranking available for this website, implying that this website is currently not very popular.
  • Plagiarized Content: The Content on this website is original and not copied from anywhere.
  • Customer Policies: There are no customer policies mentioned on this website.
  • Address: no physical address is mentioned on this website
  • Social Media icons and connections: the official social media accounts of Tanner Allen on Instagram and Twitter are linked on this website.
  • Owner’s information: not mentioned

Is Tannerallen5 com Scam? What do you think? Read the article further if you have more doubts.

What is is the official website of Tanner Allen. He was born in June 1998 in Alabama, United States. He is a college baseball outfielder for the Mississippi Bulldogs team, which he joined in 2018. is the website where he sells his merch and autographed Trading cards. This is the first-ever amateur athlete-curated trading card collection. The cards range from normal to gold, including black and silver. And he is the first-ever college baseball player giving out his autographed trading cards, as seen in Is Tannerallen5 com Scam article.

You will find six items in the merch list, all priced at $24.99. And eight items in the Trading Cards list. Out of these eight cards, four are signed cards. Surprisingly, 3 out of 4 signed cards are already sold out! 

And as mentioned on the website, the owner will give a portion of all the proceeds to the Mississippi State Foundation.


Check out these specifications of the website:

  • Domain Age: this website is a week old.
  • URL: you can visit this website at 
  • Category: a merch website
  • Email address: not mentioned
  • Address of store or company: not mentioned
  • Contact no.: not mentioned but Is Tannerallen5 com Scam saw a contact form through which you can ask your queries.
  • Payment methods: not mentioned exclusively.
  • Return Policy: not mentioned
  • Refund policy: not mentioned.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy: not mentioned
  • Social media appearance: Instagram and Twitter handle is linked on this site


  • This website is the official website of Tanner Allen merch.
  • There is a contact form in case you require any other information.
  • A portion of the earnings is donated.


  • The website is not much popular.
  • It has a low trust score.
  • No proper customer policy details are mentioned.
  • No details about the shipping or delivery are mentioned.

Tannerallen5 com Reviews:

As already mentioned in the article, the website is not very old, and thus, no customer reviews about this website are available yet. The website is the official website, but it is not much popular. However, there is a YouTube video talking about it. This site is all over the news, and the owner, Tanner Allen, has already confirmed this website through a retweet on his official Twitter account. You can check out this post  by clicking here! 

Final Verdict:

The Is Tannerallen5 com Scam article is about the recently launched website of the famous college baseball player. He sells his merch and now his own autographed trading cards. 

Even though a lot of information is missing on this website, it is not a scam but an official merch website. So, book your favorite trading card right now before it gets sold out!

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