L’institutionalisation des disciplines

The INDI (INstitutionalisation of DIsciplines) Project

Started in 2013, this project continues the reflection on interdisciplinarity started in 2005 by IDEA through a focus on the ways in which disciplines are, and have been, institutionalised. It investigates the ways in which disciplines have been progressively integrated into educational institutions, and how the nature of their institutionalization has affected academic methodology.

So far, the project has focused on the constitution of English studies in the UK, France and the English-speaking world; reconfigurations of disciplines in the Victorian era and in the Anglophone postcolonial world; the emergence of regional studies in France and the UK; and the study of national literatures in France, the UK and Germany. Current and future events focus on the institutionalisation of cinema studies, genetic studies, book history and textual & visual scholarship, at the crossroads of several IDEA projects.


Recent and Upcoming Events

December 2019: Conference on the emergence and institutionalisation of cinema studies

February 2020: Conference on inter/disicplinarity in book history and textual & visual scholarship

Publication of Somerset, Richard, and Matthew Smith, eds. Mapping Fields of Study: The Cultural and Institutional Space of English Studies. Nancy : Presses universitaires de Nancy – Editions Universitaires de Lorraine, 2019. 18 euros. 354p. ISBN -10 2814305328; ISBN -13 9782814305328.



More on the Project

While a number of IDEA’s projects successfully focus on interdisciplinary practice, this project rather focuses on the theorisation of interdisciplinarity. IDEA’s theorization of the notion since 2005 has focused on defining the concept as well as the various methodological approaches that it involves. This project proposes to continue the reflection started in 2005 through a focus on the ways in which disciplines have been institutionalised in English-speaking countries. Understanding, analysing and theorising the concept of interdisciplinarity necessitates a thorough theorisation of the various ways in which disciplines have been historically and socially constructed. The project therefore proposes to investigate the ways in which disciplines have been progressively integrated into educational institutions, how they have been codified and how the pattern of their institutionalisation has affected academic methodology. The project will build on IDEA’s previous work on interdisciplinarity and will aim to call upon the wide variety of specialisations of its members. Disciplines of focus include historiography, postcolonial studies, Australian studies, cultural studies, “civilization”, etc., with a view to working comparatively by examining the process of institutionalisation in different contexts (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, etc.).

Link to Past events of the project

Project coordinator: Marilyne Brun

Core team: Vanessa Boullet, Matthew Smith and Richard Somerset