Pôles de recherche / Research Poles

For its 2013-17 quinquennial project, I.D.E.A. decided to replace its traditional disciplinary axes (e.g., literature, civilization, and lingusitics) with interdisciplinary projects. Seven of these projects have been divided into three research poles, one dedicated to the theorization of interdisciplinary studies, and the other two to its various applications in diverse projects that combine artistic, literary, textual, historical, linguistic, and translation studies.

These projects, trans- and plurdisciplinary in nature, become interdisciplinary when they cross-pollinate at nodal points that the two or three separate projects share. This is represented in the modified London Tube map below.

The risk here is not only to develop I.D.E.A.’s projects individually but also to draw upon the expertises of all of its members to contribute collectively to several projects at once. The goal here is both to foster interdisciplinary practices and investigate interdisciplinary theories simultaneously.

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