Interdisciplinarité : Émergence et Institutionnalisation des Disciplines

Émergence de disciplines

E Pluribus Veritas: Literary Journalism and War through the Ages”

For as long as there have been wars, there has been war reporting, and literary journalism has proclaimed itself heir to traditional body-count reporting. Yet literary war journalism in many countries is still considered as too aesthetic to be serious journalism and too factographic to be imaginative literature. As such, it rarely reaches audiences outside a given country. ReportAGES conjoins the intercultural perspectives of scholars throughout the world with the interdisciplinary methods of five research centers in the U.S. and Europe to study how it might both shape journalistic heuristics and literary aesthetics and teach future generations about the reasons behind their borders, socio-political ideologies, and cultural imperatives. The four-year project seeks to locate international war reportages, then compile, edit, and disseminate them via an interactive website that will render war histories more approachable, war journalisms more emotive, and war literatures more factual.                                              version française

ReportAGES: « Literary Journalism and War » (John S. Bak)
Projet Cronica (John S. Bak)


« L'institutionalisation des disciplines » 


“The Institutionalisation of Disciplines” project continues the reflection on interdisciplinarity started in 2005 by IDEA through a focus on the ways in which disciplines are, and have been, institutionalised. It investigates the ways in which disciplines have been progressively integrated into educational institutions, and how the nature of their institutionalization has affected academic methodology.

“The Institutionalisation of Disciplines” (Marilyne Brun)

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