Migrations in American Drama and Theatre — Social Program

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On Wednesday afternoon, 6 June 2018, we are offering an optional social program for conference attendees: a trip to Toul and to Lorraine wine country. Fees are 25 euros per person (to be paid in advance). This trip is limited to 40 people.

Following lunch on Wednesday, a bus will leave the university campus at 2:30 pm. We will first head to the center of Toul, a city about 20 minutes away from Nancy. We will stop and have a guided visit of the famous Sainte-Etienne Cathedral. Construction on the Roman and Gothic Cathedral began in 1221 and was completed around 1500. Along with the Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation Catherdral in Nancy, located just off Place Stanislas, the Sainte-Etienne Cathedral in Toul marks the limits of the Nancy-Toul diocese, which has had a rich and troubled history ever since the ending of the Thirty Year’s War.

From Toul, we will drive out to the Lorraine wine country situated along the Moselle River. Lorraine isone of the smallest regions among all the French vineyards but produces a grey Gamay wine called Gris de Toul, a rosé wine that is the perfect accompaniment to a quiche Lorraine.

We will head next to the village of Lucey (located about fifteen minutes from Toul)  to visit the Leliève winery and vineyards. There, we will visit the wine cellars and take a tour of the premises, following which we will taste several of the vintner’s wines. Weather permitting, we will take a walk out to the vineyards themselves and see the grapevines up close.

The bus will return to the university campus in Nancy around 7:30 pm.