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Who was Robbie McKinley? How did Legendary Skateboarder die? Dead or Alive

Latest News Who was Robbie McKinley

Who was Robbie McKinley?:- Robbie McKinley was an American skateboarder, photographic artist, and craftsman.

Skating people group across the world are grieving the deficiency of unbelievable skateboarder, Robbie McKinley. He passed on at 43 years old on Walk 28, 2023.

Who was Robbie McKinley?

Who was Robbie McKinley was brought into the world in Los Angeles to Mr. McKinley (Father) and Yvonne McKinley (Mother).

He was raised by his folks. He grew up enthusiastically for skating. He was a hitched man and had a youngster named Jennifer Geckas. He moved a few times during his youngster years in quest for his fantasies.

In the 5th grade, he moved to California’s Inland Realm and later migrated to Florida with his mom. Notwithstanding, this was just a minor mishap as he was at that point being seen by Society USA, a skating crew.

Luckily, his mom allowed him to fly back to Los Angeles to shoot a promotion. Subsequent to getting back to Los Angeles, he remained with his dad in the city.

Who was Robbie McKinley was otherwise called McCrooks. He was known for his skating approach. His well known feature was pulling off the switch frontside heelflip at UCLA.

Robbie McKinley Profession

Robbie McKinley’s ability and novel style to play skating made him a legend in the skating local area.

He was one of the pioneers behind the skating crew “Society,”. He added to current skating and his commitments were huge and assisted with forming the game into what it is today.

Later Years in Website composition and Surfing

McKinley traded the humming Los Angeles life for Hawaii in his last months. He finished his graduation from The Workmanship Foundation Of California.

He worked for north of 10 years as an intelligent planner he graduated until his passing. He had some expertise in item plan and worked with any semblance of MySpace, Amazon, and HP.

Robbie thought back about his young skating days on Instagram, yet as an inhabitant of the island, he favored surfing. He tracked down comfort in the serene waters of Hawaii, away from the disarray of the city.

Recognitions Pour in for McKinley

McKinley’s dear companion Mackenzie Eisenhour affirmed his passing on Instagram with a legacy picture of McKinley sitting on an easy chair on the walkway.

He composed,

Skateboarder Jimmy Pelletier honored the star on Facebook. He said,

He reviewed,

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